Aromatherapy & Massage 
I am a trained Aromatherapist and create synergistic blends of oils to suit my clients and whatever the combination, a beautiful scent fills the room. The oils have their own therapeutic properties that promote good lymphatic and blood circulation, muscle relaxation and are calming to the nervous system. 
The Aromatherapy massage is more gentle and uses relaxing effleurage strokes, however I vary the pressure of the massage to suit my clients. 
I am trained in Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage also so if you are feeling a build up of tension in the neck and shoulders or tightness in the body, a deep massage may be the treatment of your choice. 
I have very good results with massage and it is a popular therapy. 
Benefits of Aromatherapy 
Improve skin tone 
Relax muscles 
Regulate hormones 
Reduce inflammation 
Relieve menstrual cramps 
Improve sleep 
Stimulate the immune system 
Kill fungal & bacterial infections 
Decrease congestion 
Aid digestion 
Relieve tension headaches 
Aid blood circulation 
Benefits of massage 
Reduces lower back pain and aches 
Alleviates neck tension 
Increases range of motion in joints 
Decreases depression 
Helps boost immunity 
Alleviates age-related disorders, 
Helps with sleep disorders 
Calms emotions 
Alleviates physical problems 
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