Hot Stone Massage 
Hot Stones Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment using smooth, flat, warm lava stones. The heat from the stones can penetrate the tissue layers up to and over 1.5 inches and is carried down to the deepest layers of the blood. The longer the application of warm stones on the body, the deeper the penetration to muscle tissue and joints, increasing the metabolism by 10% to 15%. The smooth rounded hot stones of varying sizes are placed around, under and on top of the body, from the forehead to between the toes, giving a deep massage, creating a sensation of warmth and comfort. 
Benefits of  
Hot Stone Massage 
Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation 
Alleviates stress 
Releases toxins 
Relieves pain 
Improves circulation 
Calms the psyche 
Health Conditions Treated with  
Hot Stone Massage 
Muscular aches and pains 
Back Pain 
Stress, Anxiety 
Circulatory problems 
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